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The Filotico and Partners firm, of architects Nino Filotico and Maria Rita Campa, has been working since 1996 in contexts of high historical, architectural and landscape value, taking care of tailor-made projects, from the preliminary phase to the completion of the work in every detail.
Over the years, it gained considerable experience in the rehabilitation of historic buildings, masserie and rural buildings, villas and prestigious urban dwellings. The work team consists of more than ten people including architects, designers, engineers, surveyors and restoration technicians. Thanks also to external consultants with proven experience in each specific sector, the firm can deal with any complexity and manage projects that benefit from grants - EU/NRP subsidized finance - placing itself as the sole interlocutor towards international clients.
Timeless: in a word, the firm's philosophy. Styles, trends and interior design cannot be separated from a rigorous vision
of the project, with a discreet, organic, mature, timeless approach. The "trendy" goes out of fashion because precisely, it is dated. In the studio's projects, ancient and modern coexist in an educated way, to grow old without ever becoming old.